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Executive Coaching

Thornton Group coaches will develop a customized approach and strategy that clearly identify both your unique strengths and abilities, and also those behaviors and/or attributes that may be holding you back. We believe that great leaders ask great questions, and will work with you to develop an ‘inquiring’ versus ‘judging’ approach to addressing challenging business situations. Acting as coaches and trusted advisors, our focus areas often include:  

  • Leadership in times of change: How to be the leader your organization needs - today and in the future

  • Self Awareness: An honest assessment of your goals, personality style, and values

  • Talent Development: How to build and lead a high performance team

  • Focus: Identifying the ‘critical few’ issues that you and your leadership team should be focusing on (and what you must ‘stop’ doing)

  • Conflict management: Managing and channeling conflict in a productive way, so that you and your team make (and execute on) the best decisions possible for your organization

  • Over-Communication: Developing clear, consistent messages to cascade through your organization that ensures every employee understands where the organization is heading, and how what they are doing ‘fits’

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