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Strategy Execution

Simply put, Strategy is about making clear choices and acting on them. What’s in and what’s out.

When asked why so many organizations routinely fail to execute on their strategy, Harvard Business School professor Robert S. Kaplan stated:

"Over the past fifteen years, we have studied the root causes of the disconnect between strategy and performance. We have learned that most organizations do not have a strategy execution process. Many have strategic plans, but no coherent approach to manage the execution of those plans. Consequently, many key management processes remain disconnected from strategy."

When your strategy is not crystal clear and/or the leadership team is not 100% aligned and committed to the strategy, the net result is chaos, confusion, empire building and dysfunction. Clear choices force your hand and confine you to a path.

Companies often spend a tremendous amount of time and resources developing strategic plans, yet take very little time to focus on how the strategy will be executed, and what structures, systems and processes need to be adjusted to 'sync' with the strategy.  No wonder failure rates are so high.

 Based your specific needs, Thornton Group consultants will design a series of customized high impact sessions for you and your leadership team, which will:

  • Identify the practices, processes and strategies in your organization that are dysfunctional and need to change

  • Assess and make immediate strides in overcoming patterns and behaviors that keep your teams from being strong and cohesive

  • Establish clarity and alignment around your Strategic Direction

  • Identify the ‘Main Things’ your organization needs to either ‘Start’, ‘Keep’, or ‘Stop’ doing

  • Determine the Strategic Anchors (decision-making filters) necessary for you to successfully execute on your strategy

Because team-oriented exercises and activities are embedded in the discussion of real issues, participants never feel as though they are doing theoretical or ‘touchy-feely’ exercises. Teams leave sessions ‘In Action’ versus merely planning to act.

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