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“The Thornton Group brought a level of expertise and professionalism that our church desperately needed.  Amelia’s ability to help us see the big picture, align our staff, and then have the tools to fulfill our mission was the best I have ever experienced.”

— Chip Ingram, CEO, Living on the Edge, Senior Pastor, Venture Christian Church

"I have worked with Amelia Thornton for the past ten years on a host of projects ranging from international ocean conservation strategy to team development. As consultant, coach and trusted advisor, she has been invaluable in helping me shape the strategic direction of the National Aquarium and grow an executive leadership team that is second to none. She has taught us to ask the tough questions, see issues from each other’s perspective, and always keep our values at the foundation of critical decisions. Without Amelia’s involvement and counsel, I do not believe we would have been able to enjoy the significant successes that we have to date—and will undoubtedly celebrate in the future."

— John Racanelli, CEO National Aquarium

"I engaged Amelia Thornton to help our senior management team achieve even greater success to solidify and grow our position as the premier public broadcaster and media company in the nation. Her work with us over the past year has taken us through team building and improved communication skills processes that are paying off handsomely. NCPB has just concluded the most successful year in its history. Thanks to Amelia's good work with our 'first team', we are well positioned to deal with today's challenging economic and business climate in an ever changing media environment."

— Jeff Clarke, President & CEO Northern California Public Broadcasting, Inc.

"Amelia has been very helpful is helping my company develop a set of metrics around which to chart strategic direction and respond to day to day business issues. The tools she has taught me have changed my style of management, made our meeting more productive, and improved communication across the organization."

— Basil Williams, CEO Concordia Funds

"We have been privileged to work with Amelia on a number of different assignments. As a coach Amelia asks the probing questions that help clarify my own thinking and ultimately reach my own better informed decisions. Perhaps more importantly she has helped me practice this skill with the rest of my management team, raising the bar for the entire organization. As a facilitator Amelia has been able to help our team focus on the core issues and arrive at practical solutions that have really moved the business in measurable ways. In the end, Amelia is one of my key 'go to' resources."

— Justin Hersh, Founder & CEO Delphi Productions

"Since 2004, Amelia has been a Director of the Alliance of Chief Executives. She is an effective change agent who is comfortable working with CEOs and their teams in a wide range of industries. She brings very strong 'been there – done that' executive experience that enables her to challenge CEOs to grow both their businesses and leadership capabilities. In addition, her consulting work with the Alliance Executive Team has resulted in the tremendous growth and prestige of the Alliance."

— Paul Witkay, Founder & CEO Alliance of Chief Executives

"Amelia is a fantastic resource and we have benefited from her insight, experience and practical approach to understanding team dynamics. With her help we have enhanced communication, focused on accountability and made the investments in our critical resources that will continue pay dividends today and into the future."

— Kirk Parrish, President Famous Software, LLC

"Amelia is terrific! Her facilitation skills, depth of experience and practical approach are fantastic. We have seen tangible benefits already and continue to work with her on a regular basis."

— Bruce MacDonald, CEO OSI Electronics

"Based on a blueprint utilizing Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Amelia Tess Thornton provided our executive team with a powerful model and a practical set of tools for improving our planning process and increasing organizational effectiveness."

— Jim Grady, Senior VP Human Resources & Planning, California Casualty

"Amelia's breadth of experience within the business world, and her focused drive and results-oriented approach bring a refreshing style and real world perspective to bear on the wide number of issues which need to be addressed in the relationship between strategy, people and results. I trust her as a mentor and coach, and when I need to bring a team together to focus on results, there is no one I would rather see facilitating the outcome than Amelia!"

— Michael Henry, CIO Align Technology

"The decision to work with Amelia Tess Thornton to improve my leadership capabilities, execution, communication, and global perspectives on organization development was one of the best decisions I have made for my own personal development. Working with Amelia, I learned about the inherent strengths I have that can better be leveraged, as well as blind spots that need attention and improvement. My leadership maturity has greatly improved and has been noticed by peers, subordinates, and superiors – making me a more effective team player at all levels of the organization. Even now that some years have passed, I continue to use the tools gained from this experience to continually improve my overall leadership effectiveness."

— Denise Nemchev, President Stanley Bostitch

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